About Brent Adams & Associates

Posted on August 23, 2012 by admin

My name is Brent Adams and I have been representing individuals against employers and insurance companies since 1973.

I limit my practice to workers’ compensation, personal injury, disability cases, and claims against insurance companies. If you have a traffic ticket, want a divorce, need tax advice, or want an estate plan, I cannot help you.

We have included on this website the information that will help in your battle with your employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company. This website, the free work injury guide available from this site was created for victims of work-related injuries and diseases so that they could have good solid objective information before hiring an attorney or dealing with the employer or the insurance company. As I discuss in this book, a lawyer need not be hired in every workers’ compensation case. There are some cases that are just so small that the victim would be better handling the case on his own without a lawyer. However, since the cards are stacked against the injured worker, I feel that you should have this valuable information now, for free, before you are pressured by your employer or its insurance adjuster to give them information and before you settle your case.

Over the years I have experienced how unfairly work-related accident victims are treated by their employers and the insurance industry. I have developed a strong passion for fighting insurance companies to try to get the best result for our clients. At this writing, we currently have seven attorneys on our staff who share my passion for representing injured, disabled, and hurting people. We do not represent insurance companies, banks, manufacturers, or other large corporations. Our clients are the ones who really matter, the people who toil and work to make our state and nation a better place.

We represent injured workers throughout North Carolina with offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Dunn.

The lawyers at our offices are assisted by experienced paralegals, former claims adjusters, and legal secretaries. All of us share the same concern for our clients and work hard to give everyone who calls upon us our very best effort. We recognize that being the victim of a work-related accident or disease is very traumatic not only for the victims but for their families as well. Not only are the victims in pain and out of work, they also have serious concerns for their ability to support their family in the future. Our lawyers and staff are easily accessible by phone or email, and personal visits to our office are welcome. We do not mind taking the time with our clients that is necessary to try to get them through this very difficult period. We pride ourselves on the personal attention that we give to all of our clients. We have represented thousands of people who have been injured at work and people who have been injured outside the work environment as a result of negligence of others.

We have also represented families of deceased loved ones in wrongful death cases. North Carolina State Bar rules will not allow me to include here the specific amounts we have recovered for our clients through jury verdicts and settlements. While each case is different, and past results cannot be used to predict future success, I am proud to say that I have been privileged to help my clients and their families recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts from insurance companies. We do not promise, however, that we can obtain any specific result or injury for you in your case if you hire us.