Client Testimonials

Posted on August 24, 2012 by admin

We are proud and honored by the compliments and thanks that we receive from our clients. Some of the feedback clients have sent us is below. Feel free to contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. Initial consultations are always free.

“I was working a temp job in construction when I was injured in a Bobcat accident. A construction truck struck the side of the Bobcat I was driving and I lost consciousness for a short time. I injured my shoulder and suffered neck injuries and needed to be taken by ambulance to the ER. After three corrective surgeries, I still couldn’t go back to work. My wife was pregnant and I was still receiving medical treatment, but I was released with restrictions and my employer refused to take responsibility. I had no income, no workers’ comp benefits, and my expecting wife and I were kicked out of the home we were renting from my employer who was angry I filed a workers’ comp claim. We had to move in with family.

With no income, no money for rent, plus the growing costs of necessary medical treatment I could not afford, I didn’t know what to do to heal myself and support my growing family. Then I called Brent Adams & Associates and I was fortunate to have workers’ comp lawyer Sheila Chavis and her paralegal Shirley Griffis take care of me. Shortly after Sheila Chavis took over my workers’ comp case I started receiving benefits every week and my family and I were able to get our own apartment. The benefits covered all my surgeries and 100% of the medical care that I needed.

Sheila Chavis and Shirley Griffis went above and beyond what I would expect any lawyer to do. When I had no money and I was in pain, they purchased over-the-counter pain relievers to help ease the discomfort.

When Sheila Chavis mediated my claim, the insurance company tried to offer a buyout. Sheila Chavis refused to accept the insurance company’s low offer. As a result, now the insurance company is covering every dime of my surgeries. I can’t imagine how my family and I would have survived without the help of the caring and knowledgeable staff at Brent Adams & Associates.

Christopher Roberts, Name changed for privacy

My job required me to travel frequently and move heavy equipment. In a normal day I was traveling almost two hundred miles round-trip in a mobile unit. While at work I severely injured my back moving equipment, but my employer refused to hold responsibility and pay workers’ comp benefits. Even though I was unable to work, my employer forced me to and was sending me to the company doctor. The company doctor ignored my complaints and told me to go back to work.

I called Brent Adams & Associates and hired workers’ comp lawyer Sheila Chavis. Not long after hiring her, my workers’ comp benefits started to come. When my employer forced me back to work–they tried to keep the same working conditions with long hours on the road! My back injury was still causing me pain and was not healed, so Sheila Chavis spoke up for me and stopped the lengthy travel. While my employer was not recognizing my back injury, Sheila Chavis protected my rights and my weekly workers’ comp payments continued to come. I was able to see another doctor who affirmed I had torn and herniated a disc, which was leaking fluid out of my spine and required corrective surgery. I found a doctor to perform the surgery and Sheila Chavis made sure the surgical expenses were covered and my workers’ comp benefits were still coming.

Jacky Simpson, Name changed for privacy.

Even though I had no formal education, I had worked my way up over the years to a very well-paid supervisory position. Then I was hurt at work. I couldn’t perform the same job anymore and I couldn’t find another comparable job because I was in my 50s and only had on-the-job experience. I was still treating for my work injuries when I called workers’ comp attorney Sheila Chavis at Brent Adams & Associates. Sheila Chavis was able to get my treatment covered and my workers’ comp benefits payments started arriving.

My employer fired me since I couldn’t do my job. Then they assigned me to someone called a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who was supposed to find me a job. Instead of finding me an appropriate job for my limited abilities, they made me apply to unsuitable positions that I was in no way qualified for. It was a frustrating waste of my time. Fortunately, Sheila Chavis prevented further harassment and explained that Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are always looking for reasons to cut off someone’s benefits. Both Sheila Chavis and her paralegal Inellis Del Rosario told me exactly how to talk to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors so that my benefits wouldn’t be terminated. Sheila Chavis directed the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to provide me a college education.They were able to place me with a tech program at a college so that I could get an associate’s degree and expand my job skills. This would help qualify me for jobs instead of wasting my time on useless job interviews.

I would not have been able to figure out the workers’ comp system by myself. Sheila Chavis and the staff at Brent Adams & Associates made it possible for me to not only receive the compensation I deserved, but also get an education.My work injuries have caused long-term medical treatment that I would not have been able to afford on my own.They have helped ease the journey of healing and allowed me to move on towards a new career field.”

Gary Maxwell, Name changed for privacy.

“When I had my on-the-job injury, I didn’t know which way to turn. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for me to be out of work and they sent me to a doctor that wasn’t helping me. They said I had to go to him because he was the company doctor.Someone told me to find a good NC workers’ compensation lawyer, I could not have found any personal injury law firm better than Brent Adams & Associates! Wanda kept the insurance rep straight and made her do the things she should have done to begin with.I was just about to give up and just live with my injury until I called Brent Adams & Associates. Without Wanda and Shirley I would have received nothing from the insurance company, but now I can continue to provide for my family. I have just received my settlement check and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you so much for your help with my injury case.”

-Gordon Bridge, Dunn, NC

“I am grateful for the service I received from NC workers’ comp attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates. After being very dissatisfied with another workers’ comp lawyer, I was referred to Mr. Adams through a doctor. From day one I was amazed at the time and attention that I received.  Not only was I treated like a client, but also as a friend. Mrs. Wanda and Mrs. Sheila never once failed to return a phone call or to keep in contact. I was continuously updated about the progress of my case, unlike with the previous injury attorney that I had worked with.I would recommend this office to anyone who is in need of a NC workers’ compensation attorney.”

– Teresa Magby, Lumberbridge, NC

“On or about May 2011, I visited the NC injury law office of Brent Adams & Associates after my life changed drastically from a workplace accident. From the time I walked in until final papers were signed, Mr. Adams and all his staff were extremely helpful and had my best interest in mind. I left all the “worries” to them with assurance that if anyone would be able to help me, it would be them. I could never express my gratitude for the competent work and kindess shown to me during this unfortunate accident.”-Donna Gail Faircloth, Dunn, NC

I have been a client of Brent Adams & Associates since November 2007 where I first met with workers comp attorney Mrs. Sheila Chavis. Later I was introduced to Mrs. Shirley Griffis (Mrs. Chavis’ paralegal) whom I feel as though I’ve known all my life.Mrs. Griffis does a great job of encouraging me to think positive, to do all I can to get better and always be truthful. I am very pleased with Mrs. Griffis no matter the outcome of my case because she along with myself has faith in God.

Shirley never fails to ask how I’m doing and asks when my next appointment is and with whom. She never fails to ask if I’m being treated fairly or if there is anything she can help with. All in all I just love to hear from her because I know she has an encouraging word.

-Sandra C. Spell, Rose Hill, NC

My name is Melinda and I am 19 years old. I was involved in an accident and I knew I needed to seek a lawyer’s help.  The first person who came to mind was Brent Adams. I have always heard so much about this firm and I can honestly say I am very pleased with the service they provided me. The case worker I dealt with was very kind and sweet. She never made me feel uncomfortable and I felt like I could be myself. She is a wonderful lady and I am thankful for her help. The entire staff is just amazing. Thank you all for helping me in every way you could. I will be referring you all to anyone in need. Thanks again.-Melinda Baldree, Dunn, NC

After the accident, I didn’t know which way to go. The insurance company began calling, wanting me to agree to things I didn’t understand. It was scary. But then I visited Brent Adams & Associates. They gave me my options and began handling everything right away. They even called every couple of days just to ask how I was and if I needed anything. Now, I only worry about my recovery.Thank you, Brent Adams and Associates. God bless.

-Lisa Embry, Erwin, NC