Common Questions

Do you have to be in an accident in order to recover workers’ compensation benefits?

ANSWER: No. Most on-the-job injuries or illnesses are caused by an accident. However, there are many other injuries disabling illnesses which are compensable under the workers’ compensation system but which are not caused by an accident. The most common examples […]

You are entitled to a second opinion

Even though North Carolina law provides that the employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company is entitled to direct medical care, and is therefore allowed to choose the doctor you go to, you are entitled to a second opinion from […]

Can I collect from my health insurance while my workers’ compensation claim is pending?

Answer: Yes. Most health insurance policies include a provision which provides that the health insurance carrier does not have to pay for claims covered by workers’ compensation insurance. However, if your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim and refuses to […]

What is Form 18 and Why Is it Important?

Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, you must report your work injury in writing to your employer within 30 days of the accident. Although your claim for work-related benefits is not fatal if you fail to inform your employer within […]

Can my employer “doctor shop”?

Answer: No. North Carolina law requires that the employer, not the employee, be the one to choose the doctor who will treat the injured worker. This means that the employer directs the medical treatment and can hire the initial doctor […]

What if I may need surgery in the future, but I am not sure if I do?

Answer: If you have returned to work after an on the job injury and are working successfully, you may still have a question in your mind as to whether you will need surgery in the future as a result of […]

Is there a statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation case?

Answer, yes. If you do not file your workers’ compensation claim on time, you could forever lose your right to file the claim and you would not be able to collect for your on the-job injury. There are two time […]

Who has to pay for the second opinion doctor?

Answer: The insurance company has to pay for the doctor who renders a second opinion. Once the insurance company doctor has rendered an opinion concerning the degree of permanent injury, if any, you have suffered as a result of your […]

What happens if my workers’ compensation checks are late?

Answer: North Carolina law requires that the employer pay your workers’ compensation benefits on time. If the employer and his workers’ compensation insurance company is more than 14 days late in paying your benefits, they have to pay a 10 […]

After you’ve been hurt on the job, what should you tell the doctor at your first visit?

ANSWER: It is important that your treating doctor know and fully understand how your injury occurred. Tell your doctor whether you twisted your back, were exsposted to Asbestos, that you slipped on grease and fell, were hit by a forklift […]