Do you have to be in an accident in order to recover workers’ compensation benefits?

ANSWER: No. Most on-the-job injuries or illnesses are caused by an accident. However, there are many other injuries disabling illnesses which are compensable under the workers’ compensation system but which are not caused by an accident. The most common examples […]

You are entitled to a second opinion

Even though North Carolina law provides that the employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company is entitled to direct medical care, and is therefore allowed to choose the doctor you go to, you are entitled to a second opinion from […]

3 NC Workers’ Comp Tips for Talking to Doctors

Raleigh workers’ comp lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates have created a list of their top suggestions to injured workers when discussing injuries with doctors. Clear and consistent medical records that document a workplace injury are vital in a North […]

You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

How do changes to North Carolina’ s workers’ compensation law apply to your claim and benefits? There are changes that may benefit your situation and there are others that may not. You also have to be aware of time lines […]

What to Do When Your Loved is Killed at Work in North Carolina

You kissed your spouse goodbye as you did every morning. You never expected that it would be the last morning that you would be able to do so. You never expected that the very job your loved one was heading […]

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Wage Loss Benefits

Whether you are out of work for two weeks, several months, or for the rest of your life you have some planning to do when a work injury prevents you from earning a regular paycheck. You need to look at […]

We are not afraid to take on the insurance industry

We are different from your usual personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm—We do not operate a settlement mill. Lawyers refer to law firms that take a large volume of cases and settle them cheaply without any intention to take […]

How Do Changes in North Carolina Law Affect My Workers Compensation Claim

North Carolina recently made some significant changes to its workers compensation laws that may have left claimants and potential claimants with feelings of uncertainty regarding how these changes affect their claims. Workers compensation laws are complicated enough, but lawyers who […]