NC Workers Comp Law

What is Form 18 and Why Is it Important?

Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, you must report your work injury in writing to your employer within 30 days of the accident. Although your claim for work-related benefits is not fatal if you fail to inform your employer within […]

Can my employer “doctor shop”?

Answer: No. North Carolina law requires that the employer, not the employee, be the one to choose the doctor who will treat the injured worker. This means that the employer directs the medical treatment and can hire the initial doctor […]

Is there a statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation case?

Answer, yes. If you do not file your workers’ compensation claim on time, you could forever lose your right to file the claim and you would not be able to collect for your on the-job injury. There are two time […]

Can North Carolina workers’ comp force you to use a vocational rehabilitation counselor?

Vocational rehabilitation counselors work for the workers’ compensation insurance company and do not have the injured worker’s best interests in mind. If you do not cooperate with the vocational rehabilitation counselor, the North Carolina Industrial Commission will suspend your workers’ […]

Can I get unemployment if I am receiving workers’ comp in North Carolina?

Unemployment benefits are available to individuals who are “ready, willing and able to work” if they are able to find a job. North Carolina workers’ comp benefits are available to injured workers who are unable to work. If an individual […]

What does the 5% impairment rating mean?

In North Carolina, workers’ comp benefits may be determined based on an impairment rating issued by the treating medical doctor. Injured workers often ask our workers’ comp lawyers in Raleigh how an impairment rating will affect their case. The percentage […]

Can I get workers’ comp in North Carolina for an accident that happened while traveling with work?

It depends. Traveling to work and traveling with work are two different things. North Carolina workers’ comp law recognizes the ‘going and coming rule’ – this restricts individuals who are commuting to and from work from receiving workers’ comp as […]

Are volunteers covered by workers’ compensation in North Carolina?

It depends. In most situations volunteers are not covered under North Carolina workers’ compensation. Some volunteers are covered under NC workers’ comp. Organizations can disclose to their volunteers at the beginning of their volunteer work whether or not they are […]

How much of my medical expenses will my employer be required to pay?

Answer: if you are injured by accident during the course and scope of your employment your employer is required to pay all of the necessary medical expenses to properly treat your injuries. There are no co-pays, there are no deductibles. […]

When will I start receiving my workers’ compensation checks?

It depends.  The date an injured worker first starts receiving workers’ compensation benefits varies wildly. The employer is not required to pay the employee during the first week of the injured employee’s disability.  Payment should start on the first day […]