Can I collect from my health insurance while my workers’ compensation claim is pending?

Posted on July 2, 2013 by admin

Answer: Yes. Most health insurance policies include a provision which provides that the health insurance carrier does not have to pay for claims covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

However, if your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim and refuses to pay for your medical bills, you can collect from your own health insurance company for medical bills arising from your on the job injury or condition which is work related provided however that your workers’ compensation carrier is denying the claim and has not paid for your health benefits.

While the workers’ compensation you will win your workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, you will not know for sure whether your medical bills will ever be paid by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.

It could be years before your workers’ compensation claim is resolved and therefore before you will know whether you won or lost. In this situation, you should not have to wait to get your medical bills covered. Certainly, you should not wait to seek out medical attention for your on the job injuries.

In the event that you end up winning your workers’ compensation claim down the road, the two insurance companies will sort out whether the workers’ compensation carrier will have to reimburse your health insurance company for the claims that get paid pending the resolution of your workers’ compensation claim.