What is My Case Worth? North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Calculation

Posted on August 23, 2012 by admin

If you have been hurt in a North Carolina work accident then there is one thing that you have to know before you can decide whether it makes sense for you to pursue a workers’ compensation case. You have to know how much your case might be worth.

We invite you to provide us with same basic information about your injury so that our experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers can provide you with an accurate assessment of your possible recovery.

Yes No
Unable to work at all all.
Unable to complete my job duties as they were at the time of my accident.
Able to work.
Permanently and fully disabled.
Permanently and partially disabled.
Medical prognosis is a full recovery from injuries.
Suffered permanent scarring.
Suffered permanent disfigurement.
Suffered an amputation.
Have returned to work.
Plan to return to work shortly.
Will not be able to return to work.
I have read the legal disclaimer below and understand its terms. I also understand that the review of my claim will be based on North Carolina law and not the law of any other state.

Legal Disclaimer

Once you click calculate my compensation, an attorney from Brent Adams & Associates will review your information and get back to you promptly. Our estimate is not a guarantee of compensation. There are many other factors which may be relevant to your case that are not included in the form above, including but not limited to: the nature of your work, prior medical conditions, your education level etc.

Additionally, your completion of this form does not indicate a request by you for representation and is for informational purposes only. Our response does not indicate that an attorney client relationship has been formed. Please read our site disclaimer for more information.